Don’t waste your sweet time

“…and so maybe, he broke up with her because secretly, he knew that his best friend was in love with her.”

“Wait, what?” This logic wasn’t making any sense to me. At all.

“You know. Maybe he was being a good friend and dumped her because his friend loved her and he felt it was his duty to let his friend have a chance at his girlfriend.”

“That’s dumb.”

It’s funny. The different logic all of us come up with when it comes to relationships. I was recently watching a movie with one of my friends, and on it, the heroine had a series of dating mishaps. Actually, the whole movie was a conglomeration of bad dating advice and the people who followed it. Hilarious and horrible.

But while I sat there watching the movie, I saw my friends and myself reflected. I saw different actions but the same motivations. It was kind of sobering. The heroine was always setting herself up for heartache because she was always looking for signs that a guy liked her. But in her quest for “The One” she forgot to look for the warning signs. Like the fact that he never called her. He’d chat with her online but never in real life. Or that he wore a ring on his left hand.

Let’s face it. Reading into something almost always turns around and bites you in the neck. Yes, the neck. It’s the age of the vampire after all. It steals your life and makes you desperate. I think we’ve all squandered time+emotions on other people who simply didn’t warrant either.

Don’t waste time on the people who aren’t worth it. Your life is so much more than the people you wait to hear back from, stalk on Facebook, or daydream about. The right person will come around at just the right time.


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