Why I Love Being Me {no. 7}

I’d like to take a break from the serious and get down to the awesome.

Being a Muir.

I love my family and there’s a ridiculous amount of pride, love, and awesomeness that gets spread around during family reunions. Growing up a Muir meant that there were always cousins around to hang out, have adventures with, or play with. It also meant hand-me-downs from cousins, family reunions every summer, and watching The Mighty Ducks at Christmastime.

Being a Muir also means that people will without a doubt, ask you if you are related to the famous naturalist, John Muir. Especially in environmentally conscious places. They dig him. They dig the Sierra Club. They dig anyone they assume is related to either one. It can be quite advantageous. But besides John, who was awesome in his own right, here are some other awesome Muir’s.

  • Trillium Muir – She’s a fearless motorcyclist who was the first woman to hit 200 mph. She holds the title of the world’s fastest woman with a top speed of 239.36 mph on her Turbo Hayabusa. It looks like my side of the family isn’t the only one who loves their motorcycles.
  • David Muir – Journalist extrodinaire for ABC. He anchors the weekend World News. He’s also been profiled in Men’s Vogue as he is quite good looking.
  • Dominic Muir – Englishman who made his debut on the reality show Frontier House. During his time there, he became a Christian and was baptized. Since then, he’s become an evangelist.
  • Kate Muir – Brilliant author who writes for The Times (London) and has penned a string of acclaimed books. Not to be confused with Caitlin, who writes for Dallas Christian Magazine.
  • Edwin Muir – This is the one I’m probably related to somewhere in the family tree. He’s a lover of words and one of Scotland’s prized poets. He wrote novels in addition to his poems.
Besides those people, there’s the California State Quarter, Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, and Muir Glen Organics. Add in the numerous schools, towns, and colleges that bears the name and you’ve got yourself a killer last name.
But I’ll stop reveling in the awesomeness for now. I love my last name and the heritage that comes with it. How about you? What do you feel about your last name?

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