One Thousand Gifts {81 – 100}

I’ve been having a lovely time making up this list. There’s something to be said for being able to stop and revel in the blessings that you already have at your fingertips. For one thing, it makes you withdraw your hand that demands more like a dictator, flip it over and make it into a hand that offers thanksgiving.

81. Blue-blue skies

82. spotted bambi-deer greeting spring on wobbly legs

83. wind that snakes through the tree leaves bringing refreshment to the still earth

84. the sound of syllabuls, dulcet to the ears

85. cozy glows cast by a small army of candles

86. epic adventures

87. dental insurance

88. having enough money in the bank to pay for my gas-buying habits

89. borrowed tools from neighbors

90. grand plans

91. community that greets you with open arms

92. new friends from sacred places

93. dead dreams that show when God breathed life back into your heart

94. lovely lovers celebrating love (after hearing of two engagements in 24 hours, i’m all for celebrating love!)

95. fresh words spilling across the page, an act of God

96. sunsets of dreams and sunrises of new ones

97. pictures and letters from far, far away

98. skype-dates

99. cold watermelon, juice dripping, on a hot May day

100. the ability to live life fully, abundantly, and unabashedly


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