Putting Down Roots {no. 1}

“You see, what the wind had not realized is that it was in its nature to constantly move; to stand still was to go against what it was. While it is fine and normal for a tree to be stationary, the wind must move, or it ceases to be the wind. Let all the breezes, gales, and tempests, us wanderers, ramblers, and travelers take note of the wind. Let us learn, and be satisfied to roam, to seek, to discover. Others may sit, others may follow, but to us falls the motion. Embrace it and embrace yourself.”

My friend Mike sent me those words on Saturday night. I was just about ready to fall asleep when I saw that I had a message. The words made me smile – he’s learning that for now, he is one to roam. He is one to constantly seek and discover.

I’m learning to seek and discover while putting down roots. Actively growing while staying in one place. It isn’t as glamorous as jumping on a jet every few weeks and blogging from hotel rooms all over the country. But it’s just as challenging. Maybe more challenging.

I joined a church yesterday. My church back home didn’t require membership so the whole concept is new once again to me. But I joined. It’s time to put down some roots, to be nourished by community, and to grow. I am not at the wind stage like Mike.

For now, I’m at the sapling stage – freshly planted and trying so hard to stay alive. ¬†I can bend with the wind, grow with the sun, and shelter the other wanderers. Until I join them once again, I must embrace what I am called to become.


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