Stuff Christians Like {Book Review}

Stuff Christians Like

Last week, this book came up twice in conversation. Which is why I’m finally getting around to reviewing it on this site. So I can just tell people to read my blog instead of asking me questions. Not really, but it would streamline the process a little bit.

Jonathan Acuff is a brilliant writer who has hung around church long enough to know the quirks of the people who attend.  It wasn’t hard. After all, he was a Pastor’s Kid (“PK”). And as we know, PK’s pretty much live at the church. Unless they really do in a small parsonage.

What started off as a satirical blog poking fun at the way Christians think turned into an international phenomenon. Stuff Christians Like is one of the most hilarious blogs out there. You could get uptight with some of the things Acuff writes about but why? There’s more than a dash of truth behind some of his posts.

Here’s a few –

  • Judging people who use the table of contents in their Bible.
  • Wishing you had an easy job, like working at a church.
  • Using Vacation Bible school as free babysitting.
  • Being completely terrified to pray for patience or humility.
  • Saying “I’ll pray for you…” and then not.
  • Judging fundamentalists for being judgmental.
  • Falling in love on a missions trip.

Those are just a few of the things. Um, hello. I know I’m guilty of most of those. Okay, all.

I’ll admit, I snickered when I found the Metrosexual Worship Leader scorecard. It was fun to use when I was church-hunting. Let’s face it. There are major quirks in the church. What I appreciate about Acuff is that he points them out in a way that makes you stop and think “Why do I do that?”

General disclaimer: I got this book free in exchange for a book review. I don’t get paid for my opinions, I just trade ’em in for free books.


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