I used to think the most beautiful people in the world were the ones with flawless skin and perfect hearts. The ones without scars, annoying habits, or bad hair days. Pretty much Barbie Dolls. Perfect people with perfect lives must have perfect hearts. Good things don’t happen to good people, right?

Somewhere, perhaps after dealing with my own set of tragedies, I realized that my logic was horribly skewed. I discoverd that the truly beautiful people are not the ones who have lived lives untouched by sin, the world, or the rotten disease of death. No, the beautiful people are the ones with cracked hearts, deep laugh lines etched in their faces, calloused hands, and a smooth trail on their cheeks from where the tears often flow. They are the ones who have had their heart broken, their dreams butchered, and their lives twisted.

It isn’t always the “perfect” person who has the most to offer. Sometimes it’s the heart that knows the feel of rejection that loves the most. The man who has been loved conditionally who chooses to love unconditionally. The child who grew up without a mother, choosing to be that mother for other orphaned children.

I recently watched Soul Surfer. It’s an amazing story of a woman who, like Job, was riding high and praising the Lord. When everything was swept out from under her, she was faced with the choice of what she would do with the rest of her life. She could grow up to be a bitter, twisted once-was, or grow into someone full of grace and truth for everyone. Bethany Hamilton chose to be an instrument of grace.

Out of anyone, Bethany had the opportunity, the “right” to be furious with God. She had her arm bitten off by a monster shark. Instead, she chose to deal with it through prayer. Through realizing that God had a bigger life for her than her dreams had entailed.

That’s the kind of perspective I would like to have. When my heart breaks or my dreams shatter, I want to stand in the confidence that God has a plan.

Two Sunday’s ago, the pastor at my church said something that’s stuck in my heart. He said, “It wasn’t like Jesus didn’t know what He was facing. He knew all of eternity. He knew who would betray Him. He knew exactly what was going to happen and he knows exactly what will happen to us. But the thing is, he knows everything and still says ‘don’t worry guys, I have a plan!'”

So it’s paraphrased but that minor fact doesn’t detract from the truth of the statement. I want to fully embrace the ups and downs of life by standing firm in my faith.

I want to be like Bethany Hamilton and realize that whatever happens is all part of God’s plan. And that’s okay. There are some things I can do, and some people I will love, that would never had occured if the personal tragedies hadn’t happened first in my life. That’s just the way God works.

And it’s a beautiful thing.

3 Responses to “Perspective”
  1. Amen! Great perspective!

  2. boomrethink says:

    Thanks for this perspective. Yes, God indeed is using even suffering and tragedy to prepare us for that eternal weight of glory!

  3. brittanyk1 says:

    So good. I loved the part of the movie where they talked about perspective. Sometimes you have to take a step back and see the greater good that God is working in our lives. And it’s always there, even when it’s hard to see…

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