Delivered With Love {Book Review}

Claire James can’t get a break. Abandonded by her father as a child, her mother is dying of cancer. Instead of going off to college, she stays by her side while Hailey, her sister elopes with her deadbeat boyfriend. Claire sacrifices while her sister squanders. When her mother dies, the Claire moves in with Hailey, who happens to be married to an alcoholic with anger issues. In Delivered with Love, most of the news isn’t.

When Claire finds a letter in her hand-me-down car, she’s curious. Someone had written a love letter to her mother as a 17 year old. Sudden, Claire is driven to find out who wrote the letter, what happened to their love story with her mother, and what life has in store for her. But Claire’s bad luck continues when, on her way out of town, she hits an RV.

Or is it bad luck? Claire soon finds herself in the very small town she was hoping to make it to. It isn’t long before she finds herself a job, a very handsome neighbor, and the writer of the letter. But all isn’t well and Claire is left to sort out a bevy of emotions she never wanted to deal with.

Sherry Kyle does an excellent job of weaving together Claire’s story. It’s fun to watch Claire grow from a skittish young woman to someone willing to face the uncertainities of life head-on, even when they scare the daylights out of her.

The characters of Capitola, the small Californian town, are wonderfully flawed. I hope Sherry continues to flesh out their stories through more books. Claire isn’t the only one in town with a story to tell!

2 Responses to “Delivered With Love {Book Review}”
  1. Bethany says:

    Capitola is right down the road from here. 🙂

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