One Thousand Gifts {21-40}

21. poems that pound at the door of the heart
22. fresh books, waiting to be read
23. the companionship of a dear friend
24. e-mails from Indonesia
25. the fellowship of genuine girlfriends
26. candles flickering, spreading warmth of soul
27. the delicate beating of wings outside my window
28. wildflowers blooming against the heat
29. the swishing sound of a dishwasher
30. the smell of lemons in my kitchen
31. hot tea with tendrils of steam swirling above
32. sunshine breaks at work – the chance to reconnect with nature instead of the computer screen
33. tears that clean the grime from my heart’s windows
34. phonecalls with my grammy
35. the feeling of community that is beginning to grow
36. friends who understand the feeling of being an outsider
37. the cool, gentle cool, of night
38. a million dancing stars, hung before time
39. blowing a bubblegum bubble so large that when it pops, it leaves bits of gum all over your face
40. realizing that you are loved


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