One Thousand Gifts…

I recently started reading Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts. I haven’t gotten very far but I love the idea of writing down the every day gifts that God has bestowed. The idea is familiar as it’s the fodder for many Thursday posts across the internet. So I’m joining the throng learning to be grateful.

  1. the sound of crickets in the grass
  2. candles flickering in the dark room
  3. thick carpet to cushion my feet
  4. a hot-pink pedicure
  5. rolled up cuffs on my jeans
  6. cheap rent
  7. text messages from my dad
  8. the prayers of a parent far-far away
  9. knowing in my soul that all is well
  10. men who respect me enough to tell me the hard truth
  11. women who laugh and encourage me
  12. a carport for my car
  13. cold watermelon waiting for me after a hot day in the sun
  14. a job that pays my bills and then a little bit more
  15. calm hearts amid crisis
  16. flowers smiling cheerfully above my kitchen sink
  17. free books from a friend
  18. a deep joy that makes no sense but makes all the difference in the world
  19. a Savior who is love-drunk
  20. gentle reminders of my cruel humantity and God’s everlasting, embarrassing, all-encompasing grace.

I think it would be very easy to write more than twenty a week. Once you start writing the list, your eyes start to open up to the wonder around you. And it’s there.

Wonder is waiting for you to tear your eyes away from the computer screen. To revel in the feel of soft grass brushing under your bare toes. To feel the warmth of the sun call out to the freckles on the bridge of your nose. To twirl around with arms stretched wide, listening to the calls of the birds in the trees above.

Wonder is there, my friend.

Just open your eyes.


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