The Unforgivable {Book Review}

 Quilt-shop owner meets war criminal. It seems like an unlikely pair but in Argentina, anything can happen. Tessa Stockton tells the story of Genevieve and Carlos; two star-crossed lovers who have everything set against them. There’s culture, distance, and the minor detail that Carlos is facing an impending trial for war crimes he committed against innocents during Argentina’s Dirty War. And I thought my love life was complicated!

 Under the romance lies an uneasy question that everyone must wrestle with deep in their souls: is there such a thing as an unforgivable sin? Does God’s grace extend to monsters who have committed atrocities or just their ravaged victims?

Stockton approaches the topic carefully. She spent years researching the Dirty War of Argentina’s not-to-distance past, making sure to unravel as much of the tangled politics as she could. Reading Unforgivable is like reading a primer on South American politics at times. She doesn’t shy away from spelling out the crimes that were committed, showing that while there were innocents, from an outsider’s view, the line of good and evil were murky at best.

What would you do if God called you to love someone who had committed genocide? Rape? Murder? It’s hard to feel sorry or to accept their humanity. Putting them in the “bad guy” box is easy, damning them to hell is all too comfortable. But if Jesus died for sin…wouldn’t theirs be covered as well?

As Gen and Carlos grow closer, more and more questions crop up about his past, and the war crimes trial drawing closer. Each character is faced with their own decisions about God, grace, and each other.

The Unforgivable is a good read and Stockton did an excellent job of painting the portrait of the Dirty Wars for those who were unfamiliar with it. The next two books in the series are in the works!

2 Responses to “The Unforgivable {Book Review}”
  1. This looks like an important novel. It’s on my to-be-read list.

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