story {pt. 3}

“The Bible makes it clear that every time that there is a story of faith, it is completely original. God’s creative genius is endless.”
— Eugene H. Peterson

Sometimes, I want to sit back and marvel at the way God orchestrates things. Usually, this is when I’m on a mountaintop, reveling in the joy of accomplishment. To be honest, it’s lucky for me that I’m even thinking about God in those moments.

I think about God most in the moments when I fail. When I trip and fall over myself and skin the knee of my pride. When I am sitting on my bum, gasping for breath, and holding my sides because my sides feel like they want to fall off.

God never promised an easy life for his followers. Jesus wasn’t lying when he warned his disciples that they would have troubles in this life.

It’s the troubles in this life that give us the hope of heaven. The troubles that make us realize our human frailty and our need for redemption.

A life of faith is full of blind corners. There’s no telling what God is going to do next. He’s not a tame God. He doesn’t promise us white picket fences. He promises us love. He promises us redemption. He promises us grace.

I’m willing to be uncomfortable for that.


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