story {pt. 2}

When it comes to character development, there’s usually a lot of pain involved. You don’t grow without being stretched through uncomfortable situations and choosing to rise up to the challenge. There comes a point when the character must decide that instead of some random character, they are going to be the hero and do whatever it takes to finish their quest.

“It wasn’t necessary to win for the story to be great, it was only necessary to sacrifice everything.”

What epic doesn’t include an element of sacrifice? Frodo risked his life to get rid of a ring. Jim Hawkins traveled across the ocean to find treasure. Peter Parker would do anything to win Mary Jane.

It reminds me of a story Jesus told. You’re getting the Caitlin Muir version so don’t hold it up against the KJV. You won’t be getting the archaic language.

A man was walking along, minding his own business, just living his life, when he came across a field. It was an abandoned lot in a nice part of town. Squished between a row of townhouses and the market, it was prime real estate. Some people thought it was a park because it was mysteriously vacant and no one had built there for years. But that wasn’t the case. The lot was for sale but the price was so high that no one wanted to pay for it.

The man didn’t think about any of this when he cut across the tall thatches of grass. All he thought about was the rumbling in his stomach and the fact that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. He swatted the eye-high grass away as he navigated through the golden hallways of summer.

He stubbed his toe on something and fell. He swore under his breath but then smiled when he realized that no one would hear him anyway. He was in his own urban jungle. But what had tripped him up?

Bending down, he investigated what it was. A large luminous lump.

At first he thought it was a playground ball of some sort but when he tried to test out the density with his foot, the ball didn’t cave in at all. He peered closer.

It was a pearl. The most massive pearl he had ever seen in his life. So large that you would have thought it had been birthed by a clam the size of a T-Rex.

There was no doubt that it was worth far more than the price of the land. The man couldn’t just dig the pearl up. The property was surrounded on all sides by people.

So the man acted quickly and went home. He dragged out all his belongings and sold them. He sold his car, his computer, his bicycle. He sold his washer and dryer. He sold his television. Finally, he sold his house.

His neighbors didn’t understand what had gotten into him. In the past, he had been such a good, quiet man. The sort who lived a quiet life and didn’t make much of an impression on anyone. He didn’t have loud parties on the weekend. Sometimes he sat on the roof of his house with his college friends, drinking a beer, and talking about how life should have turned out. But really, that wasn’t something the neighbors could begrudge him for. He was a nice man, he returned his library books on time, and alway changed the oil on his car five hundred miles before it was due.

So his neighbors were shocked.They wondered if he was a criminal on the lam, a cancer patient without insurance, or suddenly having to pay child support to an orphanage. Every time they bought something from him, they would ask him what he was doing, if he was okay, and if he had any clue how his actions would affect his future.

He would just smile and thank them. Yes, he knew what he was doing. Yes, there was a reason. No, he was no in trouble but thank you very much for asking.

And so it went until finally, all he had was sold. Everything but the clothes on his back and the fake Rolex his grandmother had bought him while she was on a cruise to Mexico.

He walked down to the Real Estate agent’s office and paid for the lot. In cash. He had exchanged his life, given his all, in exchange for a giant pearl.

Jesus didn’t say what happened to the man down the road. But he praised him for making the sacrifices and getting uncomfortable. Because in the end, the guy went from a hapless bum to a brilliant billionaire.

That’s the kind of transformation I could go for.

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