The Camera Never Lies {Book Review}

I picked up this book yesterday, skimming the slim pickings of the Christian bookstore for something entertaining. My shopping trip had turned into an all-day affair and I wanted something that would be light reading and enjoyable. It’s been awhile since I’ve bought fiction for myself. The Camera Never Lies by Elizabeth Goddard ended up catching my eye. Anything that has to do with photography and Oregon has to be good.

Photographer Polly Perkins has a knack for trouble – getting into trouble, that is. Her weekend getaway to her best friends wedding doesn’t break the mold when within a few hours she is reuninted with the man who killed her best friend, an ex-lover, her delusional mother who may or may not be abusing medications, and her high-strung best friend who is reads into every situation as a bad omen to her impending nupituals. Oh yes, it all happens at Caldera Lake, Oregon.

It’s no wonder that Polly talks to herself at times! After an encounter with her mother and the man who killed her best friend, Polly retreats to her room. Just as she’s about ready to unwind, a scream breaks the unsteady peace. When she investigates, she finds the hotel maid standing over a dead body. Not just any body, but the man who killed her best friend from years ago…the same man who swindled her mother out of thousands of dollars.

So starts the entertaining tale of Polly Perkins who handles her stress through twisting the lens of her Nikon camera. The characters in Polly’s story come and go, all of them interesting, but some far more intresting than others. Polly’s bridal best friend, Rene, is as high strung as they come. It’s hard to see why her dashing fiancé, Conrad would want to have anything to do with her. The rest of the characters shine though, from Spencer, the ex-lover, to “Emily”, the goth who keeps showing up in Polly’s pictures.

Polly’s sleuthing antics are entertaining as she goes from a casual tourist to that photographer. From the hotel wait staff to the dining room guests, everyone is aware of Polly’s less than subtle tactics. Even the killer knows what she’s up to.

Goddard has done a great job at sharing Polly’s story. I’m looking forward to reading a few more of her books in the days to come.


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