Go, Fight, Win!

I don’t know about you but sometimes, I’m just itchin’ for a fight.

I get so frustrated by the injustices that I see going on. The scars I see being carved on a child’s heart. The ugly knot forming on a woman’s soul. The man who has been so hen-pecked to death that he can’t hold his head up.

You tell me about modern day slavery or in any way demean the worth of a human life, and there’s something inside of me that rears its head and makes me want to fight. Some things are worth getting all riled up about.

In the latest installment of the Beth Moore Bible Study, she was talking about fighting and how as women, we’re called to fight for some things. That was encouraging. I don’t think Jesus called women to be so meek that all they can do is shrug their shoulders, fold their hands, and take a back seat to life with a placid smile while life goes to pot all around them.  God called women (and men!) to stand up and fight.

It isn’t about shoving your agenda down people’s throats. It’s about not taking a step backwards when life gives you a shove. It’s stepping forward when the wind is beating in your face. It’s being someone hero. Because at some point, everyone needs a hero.

There’s pain involved. There’s a price to pay. But the bottom line is that there is always a price to pay. The question is if you want to pay for something good or pay for something horrible. You might pay with time, reputation, or even life. Standing up, speaking up, showing up, is always better than slinking into apathy.

Over the last few weeks, I really feel like God has been opening my eyes to the need of prayer. Remember all those gray-hair grannies at church? The ones who were fondly called “prayer warriors” by other pew sitters. They were onto something. They knew that there was more to prayer lists than gossip. That people’s requests represented heartache with a depth that only God knew. They believed that God had a better story for His children. That pain was necessary at times but not how it was supposed to be.

Prayer changes things. I’ve been convicted about how many times I’ve told people that I would pray for them and then forgotten about it. When I actually sit down and pray, really pray, for people, things happen. God moves.

I prayed with a little boy the other day. He hates what he sees going on in his life. His eyes have seen more than they were meant to. He’s seen heartbreak firsthand and experienced too much of it. He’s hurt and confused. He’s hurt and it makes me want to weep when I think about it. It makes me cry and it makes me want to fight for him.

But all I can do right now is pray for him. That’s how I can fight for him. And that’s what I’m going to do.




One Response to “Go, Fight, Win!”
  1. brittanyk1 says:

    Keep praying, Caitlin Muir. And I’ll keep praying too…

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