Day Fourteen: A Vacation You Would Like To Take.


I’d like to take a cruise around the world. It would be fun to live in a stateroom for a few months, watching the world slip by with each nautical mile. I’d spend a day or two in each major port, spending one day seeing the tourist attractions and another day seeing the city through the eyes of a native. From each port, I’d collect a trinket. A postcard or a charm for my bracelet. Then I would be able to remember the adventures that I had at each place. I’d probably write a book about it.

The reason I say cruise is not because I am fond of the idea of a self-contained vacation. I actually loathe it. There’s much to be said for getting off the beaten path and seeing the true place instead of the tourist version. I say cruise because I’d like to travel and still have a warm bed to go to at night. I’d like to bring more clothes than would just fit in my backpack.

Who knows if I’ll ever take a cruise. It’s on the list though.


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