I was talking to my dear friend Liz tonight. It was a much needed catch-up call. Whenever we can, we try to get together and meet at our favorite Portland eatery, nestled just off the well traveled highway that lies somewhere between our parent’s houses. But since we couldn’t dish over dinner, we had the phone on our side.

We talked about our dreams. How God had carefully changed some of them and fulfilled others. The whole process of progressive sanctification – of growing as a human and a spiritual being by being around others. Getting our rough edges sanded down with fine grit, spit on, and polished up real good.

We talked about our life stories.  Where we were on our journeys and where we hoped the next plot twist would be. A year ago, we were sitting at the restaurant, unsure of what we were doing next, dissatisfied with where we seemed to be headed, annoyed with the men we were surrounded by, and yearning to be part of a better story.

We aren’t the same two girls that could moan about the lack of good Christian men. Okay, hot Christian men. It’s not hard to find hot. It’s not that hard to find Holy. But it takes a miracle to find the hot+holy.You know it’s true!  But back to my original train of thought…

Our stories have changed dramatically. Liz is contemplating becoming a missionary to Romania. She’s wrestling with: the American dream, a goal that seems so very unattainable, and a desire that she feels certain is from the Lord.

As characters, our characters have changed. We’ve had to become. We’ve had to mature. Not mature far enough that we can’t gush about being smitten, our favorite pair of shoes, or the dumbest movie we’ve watched recently. But mature enough to realize that there’s something deeper.

We’ve both had to learn to let go and let God take care of all the crazy, messy details. We’ve had to learn to not just say we’ll pray about something but to stop and really do it. To step out in faith, even when it isn’t the logical step.

I’m pretty excited about where our stories are going. Both of them with very different paths, but ultimately, the same destinations. I can’t wait to see where we are in a few years.


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