Bound By Guilt {Book Review}

Bound By Guilt Cover There’s nothing worse than being unwanted. Alone and willing to do whatever it takes to be loved, sixteen year old Roxie Gold is taken in by some distant relatives. She’s the perfect addition to the mother and son crime time. Roxie finds herself stealing rare books to earn acceptance. But the game soon turns deadly and Roxie’s fragile world is broken once again.

C.J. Darlington weaves a strong story together in Bound By Guilt. She lets the characters speak for themselves instead of giving them superficial lines to spout off at the perfect moment.

No one has ever wanted Roxie. Not her mother, the foster families, or even her aunt. Roxie had only had one friend in the world – her cousin Diego. But when Diego pulled the trigger, Roxie ran away as fast as she could. Straight into the arms of people who genuinely want to love her. A motley crew of forgiven sinners band together, willing to offer grace to the girl who is afraid to let her heart be open to love again.

C.J.’s tale is thoroughly enjoyable. One thing I appreciated that the book wasn’t “preachy.” Many of the characters are Christians but they live their faith out instead of trying to smother each other with Bible verses and guilt. Every single one of them were the kind of people you’d actually want to get to know, none of them perfect but all of them in awe of God’s grace.

Still interested in the book? Watch the trailer!

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  1. Thank you very much for reviewing Bound by Guilt!

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