Remembering the Alamo

The Alamo I’m having a hard time with being a Texan citizen. There’s a certain amount of things that I just don’t know that I believe I should in order to thrive here.

For instance, it’s the 175th Anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo. Is it a somber affair or is it a raucous celebration? There’s a lot of alcohol being poured on the Riverwalk. This could mean people are drowning their sorrows in a pint or they are raising a glass to celebrate. It’s really hard for me to tell.

It seems wrong to say “Happy day the Texans were slaughtered for standing up against Santa Ana.” The words are choked back. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that we be hanging our heads low and then lifting them back up defiantly.

The mood in San Antonio is one of celebration. I went down to the Alamo with some friends and it was swarming with visitors. The 175th anniversary is a big deal. There were fresh Air Force graduates with their parents, young servicemen with their even younger girlfriends, tourists from Illinois, and lots of cowboy hats. I for one did not wear my cowboy hat, although it was tempting. Instead, I settled on my cowboy boots. You know, just to blend in with the crowd.

There were reenactments on the Alamo Plaza – people were shooting off canons and wandering around in period clothes. I learned an important lesson today while watching the actors. When people are shooting off cannons, you should cover your ears instead of trying to take a picture. Leave the photography to the professionals and your ears will thank you.

What increased my confusion about the celebratory atmosphere was the fact that not far from the Alamo, people were celebrating Mardi Gras. In the span of a few hours, I was given a yellow rose (to commemorate Texas), a can of Dr. Pepper 10 (Ten calories! And can it get any more Texas than Dr. Pepper?), and quite a few strands of Mardi Gras beads. Way to celebrate the day.

I am still so very confused.


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