Fear Not {part three}

Rattlesnake Fear

Back to talking about fear. It’s been good for me to get my thoughts out of the book and onto the screen. Hopefully, you’re getting something out of it as well.

Can you imagine living without fear?

For many people, fear is the snake in the grass. It’s the unexpected horror that strikes when they’ve been walking barefoot and carefree. It’s the bite on the heel, the sinister rattle that makes their blood turn into lead so all they can do is stay in the same position.

I found this lovely creature last weekend at the beach. In a candy shop of all places. Who knows what possessed the owners to put him there, just a few feet away from the bubblegum and black licorice. Perhaps it’s a tried and true method of deterring hungry shoplifters. I don’t know. All I know was that it wasn’t what I wanted to see. I wanted to see more candy, not a creature that wanted to eat me!

Back to the original question scribbled in the side margin of my Bible study book. Can you imagine living a life without fear?

What would that look like for you? Would that mean checking out of your boring job and starting your own business? Dumping the insignificant other you secretly know is bad for you? Daring to join the Peace Corp or even that painting class you’ve always wanted to take? Maybe it’s speaking up about your faith. At work. At play. On the bus.

There is no denial in courage. Courage is denying fear the chance to strangle you with it’s icy fingers.

Looking at the quote, I’m not quite sure why I wrote it the wI did. It probably made sense at the time. Or perhaps, I was sneaking off a text message and half paying attention. But perhaps what I meant to say was that there’s no denial of self in courage. Because there is denial. It’s denial of fear. It’s standing up and saying “forget it” to what makes us want to throw-up from a bad case of the nerves.

What if we viewed fear as a rattlesnake. The rattle makes us stiffen, freeze, and wonder where in the world the danger is coming from. Taking the time to assess the situation is wise, but staying still too long keeps you in the path of danger.

I don’t like rattlesnakes in candy shops. But I’m glad it was kept behind glass where it couldn’t cripple anyone.


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