Fear Not {part one}

fear not

I never thought I had a problem with fear.

The picture is of my notes from last night’s Beth Moore Bible Study. They aren’t the scribblings of someone who didn’t need the message. My soul drank it up like a thirsty cactus at the beginning of monsoon season. I needed it.

One of the things I fear the most is rejection. It’s the core fear of humanity, I think. It started in the garden. It’s why clothes were invented. A gnawing fear, a guilt in their case, that caused them to try to gloss it over, cower and hide.

The fear of rejection is what makes people do crazy things. They hold on to relationships longer than is healthy, lash out at the people who love them most, and diet like they’ll be competing in the Miss America swim-suit competition in five minutes.

The fear of rejection is also what causes people to live quiet lives of desperation. It causes Miss Independent to become a Stepford Wife. Trade in the ripped jeans and devil-may-care attitude for worry lines and aprons. Of course, it’s all smothered with a smile. But you can’t hide pain with lip gloss. You can’t spackle the hole in your soul. It will just grow bigger until your life is a minefield of fears, a blurry picture of the vibrant life you could have had.

You can’t fix your fears.
You can’t ignore them either.
You have to TRUST.

I’d like to tattoo TRUST GOD onto my heart. Figuratively speaking of course. One day I’d like it on my wrist but for now, it’s just something I remind my soul from day to day.

Last night at the Bible study, it was mentioned that the most popular, most common command was not a “thou shalt not” or even “love the world.” Although I do believe that both are important, it’s interesting that the most common, most used phrase in the entire Bible is:


Hmmm. That’s something to think about it now, isn’t it?

2 Responses to “Fear Not {part one}”
  1. LIKE this, Caitlin. Sounds like an awesome study. Great thoughts & insights too.
    Yes, and FEAR can not co-exist with LOVE. Something else to think about.
    have a great weekend~

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