Write Happily

I’d like to know if there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t like getting a piece of handwritten mail.

Don’t get me wrong. I like getting text messages and emails because they satisfy my longing for instant gratification. But there’s something magical about a handwritten letter just waiting to be delighted in.

Perhaps it goes back to my obsession with the written word but I love writing to people. I love expressing what they mean to me. There’s an art to picking out the proper stationary – or postcard – and finding a pen with properly flowing ink. There’s nothing worse than having lines on the paper where you’ve scribbled to revive the ink. It just looks…sloppy.

Letters are meant to have thought behind them. It’s easy to write a quick text but it takes quite a bit longer to pen your heart and tattoo your feelings on the page. There’s a mental dance that must be played properly. How much should you express and how much should you hint at? There’s no spell check so pick your words carefully!

In church, the pastor was talking about how the Bible was penned by eyewitnesses. The Gospel was shared by men who walked with Jesus. Every single word that made it into the Bible was carefully chosen to express God’s heart towards humanity. Thousands of years passed before it was complete. Not one tiny part of it will pass without being fulfilled. That’s mind-blowing. And it’s worth reading.

One Response to “Write Happily”
  1. Ez says:

    I actually tend to cringe when I see a handwritten note in the mail, but that’s probably because they are mostly all required thank you notes hastily written with stock phrases. They make me feel guilty the person felt required to send me one.

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