And Then There Were None {Book Review}

I love this book and I hate this book. It’s the type of book that I love to read because it always keeps me guessing. Even after I’ve read it half a dozen times and forgotten most of the plot twists. My mind makes up the story, meshing it with the video game by the same title. I like the ending to the video game better.

Agatha Christie’s book was originally title “12 Little Indians” after the gruesome nursery rhyme.  The plot is simple enough. Twelve people are brought to an island under false pretense. One by one, they end up murdered according to the nursery rhymes dictates. When the police show up, the island is neatly littered with corpses and no one to blame.

I last read it exactly when I shouldn’t have; when nobody was around. The house was quite save the classical music playing on my computer. The windows were open and the lights were on. I had been distracted by my phone, trying to text some of my friends. None of them responded. So very much alone, I read. And Agatha Christie was kind enough to make my skin prickle every time the body count grew higher.


And Then There Were None book cover


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