Love At Last Sight {Book Review}

I can honestly say that when I got this book from Waterbrook Press, I didn’t know that it would change my perspective on relationships. Love At Last Sight by the husband and wife team of Kerry and Chris Shook is one of the best books that I’ve read in a very long time.

Love At Last Sight is a 30-day journey into what makes up the bulk of your life – relationships. The authors carefully weave a narrative that shows you that everything you’ve learned about relationships is wrong. The advice we get from the media isn’t what lasting relationships are made of. Living a happily ever after tale takes a lot of work. Instead of relying on love at first sight, the authors challenge you to love at last sight. Get beyond the first glance that allures you, the second one that makes you think twice about the relationship, and move on to loving who that person is. Love so that every time you see that person, you’re deeper in love. It’s not just romantic love. It’s the key relationships in your life.

One of the most important lessons that this book taught me is that I don’t have to be friends with everyone that walks into my life. You heard me. I got that advice from a book about relationships. Instead of trying to inject life and purpose into shallow friendships, I learned to identify the core relationships in my life and focus on deepening those. All of a sudden, I had more time for the people who truly mattered to me.

It’s been a little over a month since I’ve finished this book. I’m at a completely different place, too. It’s just about time to pick it back up again and make sure I’m not taking people for granted. This time, I’m taking advantage of all the authors offer. I’m going to watch more of the companion videos and do the daily challenges. I can’t wait to see what happens.

Disclaimer: I don’t get paid to do book reviews. WaterBrook House gives me free books in exchange for my honest opinion.

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