lunchtime musings

A sunny day in London townIt’s been awhile since I’ve thought about London.

It isn’t the first metropolis that comes to my mind these days. Living in Texas is changing me. I’m not such an obsessed Anglophile as I was before. Instead of climbing on red double-decker buses, I’m climbing into my red convertible and driving for miles and miles. Sometimes I only see a handful of other cars on my drives. All that stretches before me is the thin ribbon of road, the low live oaks, and the blue-blue sky that promises never to end.

A year ago, I would have laughed if you had told me I was going to move to Texas. I was busy trying to figure out how to get to London. But God, in His goodness, didn’t let me go back to London. Instead of handing me the dreams that I had carefully nourished over the years, He took them away. He stripped the vain ambitions and exposed them for what they were. Doors that should have been opened, closed. The things that once were changed until they didn’t resemble anything I’d ever known before.

Instead of living in a flat in London, I live in a house in the Hill Country.

My time in Texas has been a time of incredible growth and healing. I’ve met my share of creepers, and also my share of keepers. I’ve learned that while I am a city girl at heart, the country has it’s own charm. There’s nothing quite like taking a country drive with the top down in February (at 76 degrees!).  Rodeos hold unexpected delight for me. And there’s a strange beauty to the Hill Country that is starting to take hold of my heart.

It isn’t the overgrown green of home. It isn’t the manicured gardens of England. It’s wild, gnarled, and untamed. People don’t have landscaped yards. There isn’t much grass to speak of, just sprigs of brown who-knows-what that comes up and tries to live before dying in the heat.

I can look at some of the most beautiful things in my life and know without a shadow of a doubt that they wouldn’t be if I had moved to London like I originally planned. It’s funny how God’s plans turn out so much better than our own.

2 Responses to “lunchtime musings”
  1. Love it! If I join you in Texas this summer, I’m guessing God will take me on a similar journey of the soul.

  2. Oh! I just figured out how to comment from my wordpress account. Cool!

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