Oh, Love!

Last year, I had one of the most unusual Valentine’s Days. Or so I thought.

I crashed a date. Kinda.

Two dear friends had just started casually dating, so they invited me over for cookies and a movie. Since I didn’t have any other plans at the time, it sounded like fun.

The girl was sweet as could be. The boy, a bit more so. He brought us both flowers – some for her because he liked her and some for me because he didn’t want me to feel sad. Before you pass judgement on the boy, he’s a sweetheart and happens to be a cousin. We all settled down on the couches and watched a movie. It certainly went down as the quirkiest Valentine’s Day in my history. Wouldn’t change it for the world though. You know you are loved when you are invited to spend V’day with a couple.

This year, I spent the holiday in bed with the flu. Oh joy. Nothing celebrates love like sweating and coughing until your chest hurts. For the most part, I was alone. But I still managed to feel loved.

Loved by my not-so-little sisters who let me know all the happenings back home. Loved by my roommate who came back over lunch with a V’day balloon and a bottle of Dayquil. Loved by B. who sent me text messages through the day to see how if I was feeling any better. Loved by my coworkers who checked in on me. Loved by Jesus for sending me such amazing people.

This may be one of the weirdest Valentine’s Days that I’ve had but it’s also been a good one.

One Response to “Oh, Love!”
  1. A says:

    Ha, I check this everyday but somehow missed this entry. This Valentine’s day was not as fun as last years. haha. I love quirky situations!

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