Stand tall, Egypt

There are a few classes I loved as an undergrad. Film studies was one of them but History of the Modern Middle East took the cake. Every once in awhile, I want to go back to school and get my masters degree in Middle East Studies.  The ME fascinates me.


As I write, I’m listening to the celebrations in Cairo. President Mubarak resigned just an hour ago and the streets are swarming. Men that had raised their shoes toward the tyrant are now lifting their hands in sheer jubilation. In Liberation Square no less. The same voices that decried tyranny are now yelling freedom. The will of the people has spoken and democracy has won. In the last 18 days, Egypt has taken center stage. The ancient country has lifted her head and woken up from her slumber.



But what happens next? Egypt is now a military state. Mubarak’s VP is powerless. There are no leaders that have stepped forward yet. The Presidential elections won’t take place for months. While violence towards Christians escalated during Mubarak’s power, it looks like the tides are beginning to turn.


Most of Egypt is young. They don’t know life without the dictatorship of Mubarak. What they know of democracy is corruption. They are passionate and full of ideals that they haven’t ever seen in practice. The transition period for Egypt will be rough but it will be worth it.


Freedom comes at a price. It shouldn’t mean sacrificing your liberties  or your birthrights. It’s doing whatever it takes to preserve them. My prayer is that the new Egyptian government will redeem the lost liberties of the Egyptian people and stop the persecution of the Coptic Christians. That the people will know what true freedom is and that it can only be found in Jesus Christ.




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