Life is an Adventure

Caitlin, the Adventurer If we’ve met in person, you probably know that I have a penchant for adventure. I have a life list of things to do before I’m old, boring, or 30. As I get older, the age is going to keep getting knocked higher and higher until it’s Old, boring, or dead. I don’t remember what spurred the invention of the list. I just remember always having it. It just showed up one day when I was in my early teens. The days when 30 was a distant dream that would be reached around the same time I landed on the moon.

The picture above is me on an adventure.  An adventure in Puerto Rico. It started as a business trip and ended in sheer pleasure. The picture was taken after the flat-tire fiasco that lasted until the wee hours of the morning. I spent the next day getting lost, driving, and enjoying the scenery. When my GPS kept going out, I would pull off to the side of the road and take pictures. If you don’t know where you are, you might as well take a picture. One day you’ll figure it out and wish you could go back. This picture was right off the highway, overlooking the lake that snaked around the valley.

I’m reading a book at work about adventures. The author encourages that life is about adventure, not school. Learning should be as integral to your life as breathing, but that doesn’t mean you have to breathe deep of musty library air. No, you must get out of the stacks, away from the screen, and into the real world.

“An adventure,” the author writes, “specifically defined, is any challenge that requires a lot of learning in a small amount of time.”

That sounds right to me.

The author goes on to assert that, “An adventure pushes your comfort zone, demands courage and requires determination.”

Totally agree with that as well.

But I think sometimes we distort adventure into something that it’s not. It’s not always the feeling of cresting a roller-coaster. It’s not the flip in your stomach when you watch a dolphin play a few feet away. It’s not the bruises, the scrapes, or the scars that come – those are just permanent postcards on your body to remind you of what you’ve done. Adventures don’t have to be larger than life. They don’t have to be pulling off a grand caper, base-jumping, scuba diving, or hiking the Himalayas.

In the words of the immortal Peter Pan, “To live would be an awfully big adventure.”

Adventures don’t have to be out of this world. Adventures are an attitude, an exhilaration that can border on exhausting. It’s not rushing from one thing to the next, being an adrenaline addict, but something bigger, deeper, and grander. Your life is an adventure.


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