Bible Study for Grownups.

I was called a sweet child last night.

Let me back up for a second. I signed up for a women’s Bible study at church. Church shopping has gotten incredibly old, so I decided that instead of always wandering, I was going to show up and commit. So when a women’s Bible study was announced, I signed up.

I’m at least 15 years younger than all the other ladies. Apparently, “adult” is code for “married, higher tax bracket, and may or may not be going into or coming out of menopause” sort of people. I don’t have children. My biggest upset in life is that I don’t live in Portland any more and am a few thousand miles away from the people I adore the most in this world. But I’m a woman and I am an adult. So I’m part of the class.

We’re going through a Beth Moore Bible Study. That really makes me feel like I’ve arrived because young adults don’t go through Beth Moore studies. Career women, older women, settled women, women who know they are women, go to Beth Moore studies. She’s not the stereotypical Bible Study for a 20something.

Two of the ladies at the Bible Study I had met at the quilting bee last summer. Yes, it’s that church. If I’m living in the Texas Hill Country, I might as well embrace it. Or enjoy it. Or something.

So yeah. That’s me. Alive. Kicking. Happy. And the youngest in an adult women Bible Study.

2 Responses to “Bible Study for Grownups.”
  1. Wow, you’re brave. And definitely a sweet girl, too. 🙂 And you’ll be ahead of me, as I’ve never been through a Beth Moore Bible study myself either!!!!
    It’ll be neat to see what God shows you in the study, and maybe through some of these more “seasoned” women…….who knows, ya know???
    Love that you’re alive, kicking, happy & sweet. See ya~

  2. Hi Caitlin! I actually went to a Beth Moore Bible study a couple years ago. I was a little hesitant to go for exactly the reasons you mentioned, but I went, and learned so much! She knows her stuff. And pokes fun at herself in the meantime. I hope you like it!

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