R+R = Rest + Reading

It’s not every day that you help someone on their PhD papers and read Confessions of a Shopaholic. Somehow, the fact that I did both makes me feel like a well-balanced person. Or at least someone with some personality.

Instead of painting the rest of the house like planned, I fell asleep on the couch. No sweet dreams to be had; instead I dreamed that my roommate was trying to steal my leggings. Obviously, I need to spend less time worrying about my clothes and more time doing practical things like sleeping. Or reading.

What’s on my reading list for this week? Glad you asked. Besides Confessions, here are the other three books on my list.

* Doctor Faustus – Christopher Marlowe (fiction)
* Kitchen Priviledges – Mary Higgins Clark (memoir)
* I Bought Andy Warhol – Richard Solsky (non-fiction)

I’m also finishing up two books for Waterbrook and Thomas Nelson. There should be some reviews coming!

What’s on your reading list?


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