Green is Good

My roommate and I were bored today. So we went to Home Depot for lunch. The truckers, the farmers, and the two girls in high heels. It was one of those days when yes, I really felt that I was in Texas. Everyone was so friendly, down to the lady at the front of the store who greeted us quite a few times. Any friendlier and we’d be going to her house for the holidays. You don’t find people like that where I come from. Maybe on the bus but you generally avoid people that friendly. Because they are usually trying to con you or they have serious issues that you don’t want to subscribe to. But I digress.

We finally decided on some paint. It’s green. Bright green. Asparagus green. The same green as my phone, the same green as my coffee mugs from Germany, and the same green as my Brita water filter. All three items are essential to my happiness in Texas.

And now I have a green kitchen. It’s pretty sweet.

4 Responses to “Green is Good”
  1. How awesome is that?!!! Fun times. You never know what excitement you’ll find in Home Depot….or the excitement that comes when you get “bored.” Both were entertaining, and nothing close to boring sounds like. 🙂

  2. India says:

    Yay! That’s really exciting – green is a great kitchen color. Do we get to see pictures?

  3. caitlinmuir says:

    Pictures should arrive soon. We’re just waiting for the paint to dry. There’s nothing glamorous about drop sheets and blue painting tape. The green footprint on the hanging drop sheet is pretty epic though.

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