Have you ever…

Just woken up one morning and wondered why everything was the way it was? I’m not talking about why you didn’t wash the makeup off last night or why your thighs have grown larger. The questions I’m talking about are more society centered.

Like –

  • Why are we okay with extreme security checks?
  • Why doesn’t every state require menus to print the calories on them?
  • Why are students in the UK protesting tuition hikes and students in the US aren’t? The kids in the US are paying a much higher cost already.
  • Why do some women think it’s okay to wear tights as pants? Or to go pantless (or pantiless) in public? Leggings are great, but tights?
  • Why are so many of us sharing so many details of our lives online?
  • Why did the Beatles sing “All You Need is Love” and then break-up?

So none of the questions are life-shattering deep. They just float in my head sometimes. Maybe not first thing in the morning. Usually at 1:15 in the afternoon, after I’ve gotten back to my desk from lunch and steam-plowed through my first action item or two for the afternoon.

But the nice thing about vacation is that I don’t have to think about any of them. I can if I really want to but more likely than not, I’ll be caught up in an adventure. Or a nap.

Actually, I’m doing something better. I”m thinking about all the lovely dates I have with people today. Breakfast with my sister, lunch with some old friends, and a freakin’huge  bonfire tonight.

Life is good.

One Response to “Have you ever…”
  1. Steven says:

    Yes! I have had questions like those. I don’t usually have the time to think deeply about most of them, so I often end up (reluctantly) ignoring them. But for me they sometimes are “life-shattering.” Questions–just floating around in my head–regarding how we “do” church, and also how we might organize society in a more constructive and more peaceful manner, have wrecked my long-held theological and political beliefs.

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