Pass the chocolate, Grammy!

Starbucks Chocolate Advent Calendar Yet another of my favorite holiday traditions.

It began when I was in college and spending most of my days at Starbucks. I picked up a chocolate advent calendar for my dear Grammy on a whim. She loved it.

The next year, she returned the gift stuffed with Ferrero Rocher candies. Probably a hundred of them. I developed a love for that candy, a fierce love.

The year after, she got the calendar back with imported chocolate. Because if you’re going to cheat on your nutrition plan, you might as well get the good stuff. None of that cheap stuff that’s a waste of calories!

The tradition continues. This year it was my turn to give again so my sister bought the filling candy and delivered it.

If that’s not one of the best ways to count down to Christmas, I don’t know what is.

2 Responses to “Pass the chocolate, Grammy!”
  1. MissEmy says:

    I used a chocolate calendar for the first time this year cause they’re very big in Denmark. Very cheap chocolate but it is definitely kinda fun. ;D

  2. JJGrace says:

    Oooo. Now I want chocolate. 🙂

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