Surf or…?

Surfer GirlI’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do this weekend. It’s the week before Christmas and I don’t have anything of the holiday spirit. If I had a church that I felt settled in, it would be different. Finding a church has been tough!

So I’m thinking about going surfing tomorrow. It may be one of the worst, non-traditional ideas I’ve had. There’s no way that I’ll ever feel connected if I don’t force myself to plug in. This will be the first Sunday in almost a month that I’ll be able to go to church. But there’s something appealing about going to the ocean and playing. Something wildly appealing about just being in nature, even if I am by myself, and just enjoying the rush of it. Feeling the swell of the ocean and the salt tangling in my hair.

It’s tempting but with my recent rash of rotten luck, I’d probably get bit by a shark. Or stung by a man-of-war.

I should probably start thinking about where to go to church tomorrow.



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