Day 6 – travel time!

Back up in the air – literally. Still not sure what I think about wifi on the airplane. So much for down time! It was hard to say goodbye to paradise this morning. I got up with the sun and walked the beach to greet the sun rising over the white sand. Watching the sun rise over the ocean has been on my old/boring/30 list for awhile. Growing up on the West Coast, you see brilliant sunsets over the wild indigo blue ocean. I saw the sun rise over Mt. Hood. So this morning was special. The only problem was that there was a sand bar and hotel in the way. I’d like a do-over but I guess it’s for the next time I’m on an island. So I’m going to cross it off in pencil.

I’ve discovered that I belong to a minority – the single woman traveler. People aren’t quite sure what to do with you. Raised eyebrows are my general reception.

“You are all alone, miss? No one is meeting you?”

I suppose going to the tropics by yourself is an oddity. I’m not surprised by people’s reactions – even fifty years ago it would have been almost unheard of. Puerto Rico is definitely a place to have a traveling buddy. Watching the sun turn the sky a dozen shades of red and orange over the pale sea something that needs to be shared with someone else. Being stuck on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere also could have been better with a traveling buddy. Sure, I’m single but I’m not alone. All the harrowing parts of this trip has reminded me that I have God and guardian angels that work overtime.

I have a funny feeling that by the end of this 10,000 mile journey, I’m going to be even more in awe of the way God works life out.

One Response to “Day 6 – travel time!”
  1. You’re so inspiring. 🙂

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