Post 100 and Day .5

This is my 100th blog post. Hurray. I’m not sure what I’ve been saying the past year but I hope someone out there likes what they are reading.

Incidently, this blog post isn’t going to be published right away. The wi-fi isn’t working in my hotel room and I don’t feel like running to the lobby in my pj’s. It’s not just the wi-fi that is broken; the cable TV doesn’t work and room service took over an hour to deliver my food. So yeah, while hanging out in a new country, I don’t really feel like running around in my pajamas.

Here’s what I had for dinner. It was quite delicious.

First I had fresh Red Snapper stuffed with fat juicy shrimp in Creole sauce, garnished with red peppers and onions.

The side was mashed plantains. Mmmm.

For dessert? A cheese custard. Also quite gastronomically pleasing.

Then again, when you have a thousand miles and a quite a few hours between meals, almost anything tastes good. That’s why fast food is so popular at airports.

So where in the world am I? Puerto Rico.

Quite a bit has changed between my first and one hundreth post on this blog. I’m a professional storyteller now even though I don’t have an agent. That’s why I’m in Puerto Rico. To sniff out a story and capture it digitally through photography and video. To tell the story. To share it with others and provide them with a visual delight. It’s kind of rad.

I’m also starting a 30+ day journey. It started this morning (or yesterday morning to be precise), when my roomie dropped me off at the airport. It will end sometime in the early new year after I get back from spending the holidays with my family. There’s going to be a lot of life happening. So I’m going to try to keep up with people on this blog. You’ll hear about the things I’m crossing off my old/boring/30 list. The regrets. The wishful thoughts of the season. And hopefully, you’ll get to see some pictures. Because I bought a new lens on Black Friday. Me and my impulse buying ways. By the time the journey is over, I’ll have trekked almost 10,000 miles. That seems excessive, even to me. But I can’t complain. I’m living my dream.


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