Day 1

View of the Ocean from my room

My first full day in Puerto Rico and I’m writing about it before the bulk of it happens.

This is the view from the room I stayed at last night. When I opened the balcony door this morning, I could hear roosters crowing. Minus the rare honking, traffic on the highway nearby sounds like the surf.

I’m writing now because I’m headed to the jungle next. I’ve been warned that wi-fi is non-existent and that cell phone reception isn’t that amazing either. Is jungle the correct term or rain forest? Jungle just sounds more adventurous. Interesting people live in the jungle. Like Tarzan. Or Jane Goodall. Rain Forest just sounds so…academic and precise.

The bulk of my day will be spent on a working farm in the heart of the country. They grow oranges, goats, and other things as well. It’s a small farm, just 20 acres, but when you aren’t using heavy machines, it takes quite a bit to tend to it.

Loud Spanish voices are echoing down the hallway outside my room. It’s breakfast time, I suppose. Puerto Rico is on Atlantic Time, two hours ahead of Texas. Getting up at six this morning was murder.

Oh, breakfast equals – fresh kiwis, some sort of white sweet custard, a bagel, and some juice that may or may not taste suspiciously like Tang. Good thing there’s always fresh coffee!


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