Portland in Austin

I’ve wanted to explore Austin for awhile now. I’ve already blogged about visiting it and seeing the millions of bats fly out in a black flurry from underneath the bridge. I visited some of the boutiques, fell in love with overpriced garments, and rued the fact that my actual budget does not match the one I’d like to have. I had a lovely time with Texans but deep in my heart, I wanted to visit with a Portlander. Someone who appreciated the uniqueness, who thought of it as a fact of life instead of something to be stared at.

It just so happened that I got my wish.

One of my buddies from home, sweet home of my youth, just so happened to be in town for some sort of biomedical trade show. He told me he’d be in the area and I decided that driving through horrible traffic was worth it. It really was. There’s something joyous about seeing an old face in a new place. Something that makes you rediscover who you are and who you’ve been and where you come from.  We had heaps of fun, catching a fabulous indie concert and just sitting around and talking about life. It was like having a slice of Portland in my Texas life. The last time I felt that was a glimmer when I met another boy from my church at his concert. A lovely thing is meeting people from home and having lots to talk about, just because there are so many shared experiences.

All that to say.  I’m grateful for Portland boys. I’m grateful for the quirky nature of Austin. I’m grateful for madcap adventures and wandering down city streets. And I’m grateful for life.


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