Still House Pond {Book Review}

Lilly Gray Corbett is a little girl on the brink of adventure. Nuturing by nature, she takes after her mother, a midwife to the women of backwoods Kentucky. Copper had been born in the hills but her life had been changed when she fell in love with a young doctor. Lilly ended up with a double-dose of nurturing genes in her DNA.

Trouble comes to the family when Copper tries too hard to help a family. When tradgedy strikes and the mother dies after childbirth, Copper’s family is unwittingly drawn into the grief and pain. Both Copper and Lilly try their best to help, only to be hurt in the end.

Jan Watson, a retired nurse, weaves a story that crosses genres in Still House Pond. It’s a story of a mother and daughter, of a young woman desperately seeking love from a “middling” man, a steady man trying to win the affections of a hurt woman, and the story of so many pregnant women in need of care. Every love story and every pregnancy is different, each one impacting Lilly and Copper. Love, betrayal, grief – each emotion has it’s turn in center stage. All of the stories come together, mingling views and voices on the page.

This is the second book in the Copper Brown series but it can easily stand alone.

Legal disclaimer: Tyndale House gives me free books in exchange for honest reviews. I don’t get paid.

House on Still Pond

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