The post in which I say almost nothing, just ramble

The itch to write has started to come back. That feeling of story overtaking my soul, waiting to come out on the page. I’m glad of it. The feeling is like an old friend coming for a visit after years away. If you write, or if you create, you know the feeling. You can’t help but give way to it on impulse. It’s just in time too, for NaNoWriMo starts in a few days.

As I type, I’m sitting on a rocking chair, just rocking away gently. A citronella candle is next to me, failing to keep away the tiny bugs that have decided to land on my legs. Fall should have come to Texas and maybe it has. The humidity has lessened and the air doesn’t feel like a wet towel on my skin or in my lungs.

Felecia, my darling stray, has decided to keep me company. She’s intrigued by the candlelight. I think she just wants company. Strays need people afterall.

It’s strange to find myself  living in the country. Not quite the country but close enough for me. I have neighbors whos houses I can see. But I saw thirteen deer this morning when I was pulling out of the neighborhood. Right now there’s a famiy of them playing a hundred or so feet away. If that’s not pastoral, I’m not sure what is. I’m not the Pioneer Woman, not by any stretch of the imagination.I like pony cars better than ponies. I buy sparkling mineral water because my body isn’t used to the water down here. I still dream of Europe when I sleep.

But Texas is starting to grow on me. The sheer adventure of every day being a new slate is exhilerating. I like the way the sun feels on my skin, warm and welcome, even in late October. I adore being able to see thousands of miles of sky above my head when the lights are off. I like climbing up on the roof and watching shooting stars decend from the heavens. There are possibilities to explore and a whole new culture to try to figure out. In Texas I have time to slow down and figure things out. I have time to just be instead of always doing.

Until later…

5 Responses to “The post in which I say almost nothing, just ramble”
  1. Jerah says:

    You live in Texas? So do I. I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo also, but the Young Writer one. I’m only eleven.

  2. Loved your ramblings – as always! I’m so excited about your writing and that you’ll be doing NaNo too! It is one thing to not have you at the summer conference – it’s another thing not to have you for NaNo! 🙂

  3. That wasn’t rambling- it was beautiful! Where you live sounds peaceful. And perfect for writing inspiration. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it there!

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