Same Kind of Different as Me {Book Review}

Same Kind of Different as Me is a story about slavery.

Denver Moore was born into slavery. The part of the Deep South he was raised in didn’t believe in equal rights, civil rights, or basic human rights. He was the property of THE MAN, born into squalor and not knowing that in other parts of the country, slavery had been outlawed a hundred years previous.

Ron Hall wasn’t born into slavery but he’s a slave just the same. He’s been a slave to the status quo, quickly rising to the ranks of an established art dealer. His money hasn’t bought him freedom, it’s bought him trouble.

It’s Ron’s wife, Deborah, that saves both men. She’s a main character, yet the story is more about the odd friendship that develops between the two men. She’s their redemption and the one who ultimately brings them to God.

The book rambles along nicely, the alternating voices of the characters in each chapter providing the reader behind the scenes peeks into the souls of the two men. The book is non-fiction, the characters real, and the story so strange that you know it could only be written by God. It’s a story that belongs in a movie theater somewhere.

Same Kind of Different as Me Cover


Disclaimer: I don’t get paid for my book reviews. Thomas Nelson gives me free books and I give them my opinion. They get an honest review and I get a book.

3 Responses to “Same Kind of Different as Me {Book Review}”
  1. This sounds really good! I’m going to teach a Civil Rights Movement unit to high school kids in a few weeks for my student teaching practicum, so I may just have to read this book right before it to get in the mood! If, of course, I have my unit lessons and work sample all done…

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