Second Sundays

I’ve decided that church shopping is something like going on first dates. You really only give a congregation one chance to impress you. Like it or not, you have a golden standard that you’ve formed in your mind that you are comparing the church (or man) to. Whether or not all the essentials seem to line up or not determines if you’ll have a second go at it.

It doesn’t seem fair  but it’s just the way it is. Through my church shopping experience, I’ve  been discovering quite a bit about myself. What my must-have list really is. What things I’ll let slide.What things are just non-negotiable.

It’s simple, really. I want people to do life with. A church to grow with for however long I’m in Texas. It can be flawed as long as it passionately loves Jesus. None of this dutifully showing up to church because that’s what the culture dictates. The idea is so foreign to me. While there was some of that in the small Christian subculture back home, for the most part, you only went to church if you wanted to go to church. It wasn’t culturally accepted.

I’m young. I do want passion and excitement. Nothing flashy- it’s weird when the band is as choreographed as one of the many incarnations of High School Musical – but something from the heart.  I don’t think God is deaf, so I don’t understand why some of the pastors grab the mic and yell into it during prayer, as if God’s ears are plugged. Authenticity is incredibly important to me.  Like a date with a comb-over, there really is no hiding the bald spot underneath. Being honest and being genuine go so much farther than saying a string of incoherent pretty words.

The church shopping process has been fun and frustrating. I’ve met a lot of interesting people – my brothers and sisters in Christ. Gone out to quite a few lunches, meeting and discussing the sermon/church. That’s just the way life is.

When I moved, I thought I would find a church similar to my own back home. But it’s not fair to judge one church by your experience with another. There aren’t too many skinny jean wearing, trendy churches packed with ridiculously young, beautiful, artsy, and influential people who genuinely love Jesus and want to get to know him better. But maybe that’s just my pleasant PR spin on things. There were quite a few people who went to that church just to find their own hot+holy spouse. Go to church and you’ll increase your chances of finding one.

I’ve been in the pool for five months. I’ve been to some awesome churches and some that were rather unbiblical. There were a few “maybes” but none that struck me as the one.

So another Sunday, another first date.



One Response to “Second Sundays”
  1. MissEmy says:

    mmm, church shopping is so so. Not one of my favorite past times! I’ve been out of a steady church for the last few years… I think I was spoiled growing up with an AMAZING pastor who really preached it. And preached it good! It’s hard to find pastors who actually speak about what’s in the Bible.

    Good luck finding just the right church! 🙂

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