Portland recap

The wedding has come and gone.

I had ten absolutely fabulous days in Portland that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Going to church was a delight – it was wonderful to see so many awesome people. I’d say dear souls but that just sounds too Texas for me.Ironically, the worship set was the same as the last week I was there. Michael Watson, a harmonica, a banjo, a bass, and lots of attitude. Think O Brother, Where Art Thou? meets a revival service.

I cried on the plane on the way to Portland. Just a few sniffles as I scribbled out my maid of honor speech in my writer’s notebook. I don’t know why I cried. It just happened.

Portland itself was what I needed. I feel like I have two completely seperate lives – each of them consuming in their own way. My Portland life is filled with people I adore, buildings, drama, and excellent coffee. My San Antonio life is filled with wide open spaces and question marks. If I could take the sunshine and my job and bring them to Portland, life would be pretty darn amazing.

One of the snapshots of the trip wasn’t taken with a camera. It was taken with my heart. I was able to go for a ride up in the West Hills of Portland at night. Trees towered overhead like arches in an ancient cathedral, the road twisting along the contours of the hills. To my right was the city far below. The moments when I could see the city lights reflect like stars on the inky black river took my breath away. There was the city I loved spread out beneath me. The view always reminds me of Kutless’ song Sea of Faces.

Another epic moment was seeing my sister marry the love of her life. The joy that was written in their faces will linger for years. They didn’t have the most lavish wedding in the world but they overdosed on love. And more weddings should be like that. The reception was a happy blur of hugging people and wild shouts of glee.

I got to see my dear Diamond Girls. We all caught up at our usual restaurant – nothing fancy – but always fun. Quite a bit of life has happened since we met. I’ll be forever grateful that God put them in my life.

2 Responses to “Portland recap”
  1. MissEmy says:

    Your description of your time in Portland is beautiful. My favorite part about the question marks in life is knowing that nothing is set. Anything could happen!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful 10 days! God’s timing is amazing- congrats on your sister’s wedding! 🙂

  2. Sniff, sniff. You’re going to make me cry! 🙂

    It was so good to see you!

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