Getting Things Done {Book Review}

This book just might change my life. I really hope it does. On Thursdays during lunch hour, we go over this book at work. There’s some required reading but mostly we sit in the conference room, listen to David Allen talk about his Getting Things Done system.  It’s fascinating stuff. Sometime, I doodle on the pages.

I’m halfway through the book and the audio course that goes along with it. For once, it’s an organizational system that makes sense. Allen incorporates quite a few lists with the logic that once it’s on the list, there’s no reason to worry about it again.

Pretty much, you put any/every thing through the following chart:

Stuff Diagram from David Allen

And oh, how easy it makes life. I’m still in the middle of implementing it and I’m shocked by how much I’m discovering that I’ve let slip. My sincere apologies to friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and the people I’ve never gotten back in touch with. I plan on getting things done after I get the sytem in place.

Things are getting done. My work email system is now all organized, my inbox empty, and I’m implementing a monthly calendar to ensure I’m not caught off guard by meetings or deadlines. Now to carry it over into my personal life.

Okay, quit reading my rambling. Look at the chart and start getting things done.

One Response to “Getting Things Done {Book Review}”
  1. MissEmy says:

    One of my friends highly recommends the Getting Things Done method/book. I should really check into it. Maybe I’d actually accomplish something!! 😀

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