Up in the Air…again.

I’m up in the air right now, one of my absolute favorite places to be. The past few days have been spent in the desert – a sweet relief from the sticky humidity of my new home. A monsoon came rushing in yesterday, first a few dark clouds over a mountain followed by the gentle pattering of rain. Then the lightening came; white hot flashes of light flickers across the heavens and then arching down the earth. My hostess assured me that the monsoon would only last a few minutes. It lasted a few hours.

She had taken me to a canyon before the monsoon hit. Thousands of sorrel cacti stood guard on either side of the tram as we slowly made our way through the oasis to the heart of it all. The water was brown but not brackish – it gurgled and gushed like any mountain stream – but the color was deceiving. Water that we had thought was at least eight feet deep ended up just making it to our knees. I was grateful we checked out the water level before hurling ourselves off the bridge as originally planned.

Moral of the story: Look before you leap. It isn’t always fun and it can be disappointing but it’s so much better than a broken neck.

2 Responses to “Up in the Air…again.”
  1. Where were you? It sounds beautiful! And what a great life lesson learned.

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