Oh, look. It’s me. How vain to post this.

I was recently in a documentary about GEN-Y and digital literacy. Gen-Y is also known as the Millenials, or people born between 1980(ish) – 1995. Everyone has a different theory over the correct time span but the given dates are generally accepted. These are the youth of yesterday who are struggling with adulthood today. There are scads of places where you can learn more about Millenials – subscribe to #geny or #genychats on twitter if you want to get educated fast.

I was fortunate enough to be reading those conversations when I came across at tweet by @Oline73, also known as George. Yes, you can meet people on micro-blogging sites. This probably makes me a nerd but I say it makes me a true Millenial. George was looking for Gen-Y members to participate in a mini-documentary. So I did.

It wasn’t very hard. Just sit in front of a web camera and chat about what I thought about digital literacy and the generation I belong to. There are much harder tasks in life. I sent off my portion of the video and waited a few weeks. George sent me the blooper reel which I had a few cameos in.

Then I got the invite to go to NYC for a private preview party. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it. It sounded swanky and fun but alas, slightly unattainable with my current budget. Maybe for the next documentary?

Here’s the full documentary…

…and for some reason, it isn’t posting. Silly, Openfilm. Well, if you have a spare 38 minutes, click here to check out Decade 2.

One Response to “Oh, look. It’s me. How vain to post this.”
  1. honnah says:

    Now that, is interesting! And we are quite a subject on conjecture and research as Gen-Yers, are we not? Yep…

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