53 Things I’m Grateful For

Texas Edition.

Bug spray.  Air conditioning. Movie Theaters. Inner Tubes…aka…TOOBS. Carports. Awesome landlords. Imported coffee. Friends. Hilarious coworkers. Skinny jeans. Shorts. Tank tops. Sundresses. Convertible tops. Home Depot. Brakes. Cameras. Bright pink luggage. Racking up frequent flyer miles. Video cameras. Lunch bags. Refridgerators. P90X. Care packages from my family. GOD. Sunsets. Cell phones. Shelter. Bottled water. Sparkling mineral water. Target. Notes from friends far, far away. Text messaging. Paychecks. Fabulous rent. Rugged scenery. Horseback riding lessons. My Mustang, Dolcenea. Girlfriends. Bocce Ball. Fingernail polish. High heels. Gladiators. Business trips. Whiteboards. An adventurous spirit. Random parties. Dancing at midnight. Laughing until I cry. The mini-rose bush sitting on my kitchen windowsill. Facebook. Free books. Food challenges.

That’s it for right now. I think that’s a good start.

One Response to “53 Things I’m Grateful For”
  1. honnah says:

    Hey, I like that idea, Caitlin! I think I’ll have a go at it on my own blog. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, btw!

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