Don Miller Isn’t

Back in January, Clawson and I were sitting in the back of a mini-van, surrounded by thousands of cars. We were in a traffic jam in Dallas, Texas. We were talking about her upcoming move to Portland and how it would be fun to do a “Blue Like Jazz” tour of the city.

“You know, Caitlin.” Clawson said prosaically. “I doubt it would be half as fun as we think it would be.”

I stared at her.

“Writers are people too. We’d probably just stare and say hello and then have nothing else to say because he’d be boring.”

I sighed. She was right. But it sounded like fun to meet Don and chat with him at the Laurelhurst pub, getting his thoughts on life.  When I saw this video, I almost cried because I was laughing so hard. It’s Clawson and my Don Miller adventure in the flesh.


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