I am a Hutterite {Book Review}

Hillary Clinton once said that it takes a village to raise a child successfully. For Mary-Ann Kirkby, an entire village was in on raising her. She was a Hutterite.

The author carefully tells her story of living in a rarely heard of community. Some people think of it as an Amish commune. Everyone is assigned a task. Someone teaches the children, someone else supervises their afternoon nap. Women work in the kitchen making dinners in mass to take home to their families. Everyone waits in attention to pass the inspection of the supreme leader.

It’s a peaceful existence. It’s one that Mary-Ann cherished until her family ran away. Past and present collide as Mary-Ann recalls to her son what it was like growing up Hutterite. She tells the story of how her stern Russian father met and married her mother, and how their love story ultimately led to their running away with their six children years later. It’s a story of community and peace. A story of love and betrayal. And a story of one woman’s attempt to reconcile the “backwards” way she was raised with the modern way she was raising her son.

I liked the book. If I had more space in my car, I would have packed it up and brought it with me on my move. If you want a fresh perspective on what it means to live simply (and not Amish), you’ll want to read this book.

Disclaimer: I review books for Thomas Nelson. In return for my honest opinion, I get free books. I don’t have to say nice things about their books. I don’t get paid. I just write what I think.

2 Responses to “I am a Hutterite {Book Review}”
  1. Lisa Decker says:

    You might be interested in my blog as I try to chronicle the life of a everyday Hutterite…I was born and raised in a Hutterite colony and still live in one. I have my personal review of this book posted on my blog as well. I have somewhat of a different perspective on it.


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