The sun is like a pheonix

Sunsets take my breath away. Maybe sunrises would have the same effect but I’m generally too lazy to get up that early and get outside. There’s something breathtaking about a sunset. It’s as if all the emotions and experiences of the day have been caught up in the heavens and then lit on fire. The sky changes dramatically in moments, sherbet colored clouds shifting and combining until they turn an ashen gray. Like a pheonix, the sun will rise from the ashes to climb high into the sky once again.

Last night I witnessed my first Texan sunset. A deer slowly meandered through the front lawn and I sat on the white rocking chair I stole from the living room. In front of me was nature, beside me was my Mustang. For the first time in weeks, it was just me and God. My Bible lay open on my lap and I looked through the verses that I had underlined some time before. As if to remind myself that they were important, that they meant something, that in some way, they had stirred my soul. I wish that I could say that every time I opened the Bible, I got something deep out of the experience. But it isn’t true. I get distracted easily and I’m always coming up with my most brilliant ideas when I’m reading the Bible. But there was something about last night that revived a dying spark in me. A wind that blew fresh on a smoldering log, causing the embers to dance to life again. I woke up this morning grateful for a chance to start over again and excited to see how this adventure plays out. Because, that’s what it is. An adventure.


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