Wait and See

I hate the last few hours of waiting. It’s terrible. I get filled with so much anticipation and I block out everything else. During the last few weeks, there have been multiple things going on: trips, work, writing assignments, and the multitude of emotions that come from belonging to a family that should have their own reality television show. All the loose ends have been driving me crazy. For someone with a technicolored imagination, I like black and white absolutes. Love them actually.

I think I first heard Brandon Heath’s “Wait and See” when I was driving to Disneyland last year. Somewhere between pulling out of my driveway and pulling into the hotel parking lot the next night, this song had been played on the airways so much that it was being woven into the trip.  Every time that it played, I smiled, taking comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one who questions everything. It’s okay to question. Just realize that in the end…God’s plan is perfect.


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